About Us

Why Dynamic Builders?


We bring more than 50 years' experience working in Los Angeles to every project we undertake. It's not only the company that has the experience; each of our individual team members is an expert in his or her respective field. Be it in design, engineering, construction or project management, when working with Dynamic Builders, you are surrounded by one of the best.


Our decades of experience, combined with a thorough site analysis and unsurpassed value engineering, allow us to generate comprehensive plans that keep us moving toward completion on, or before schedule.

Los Angeles Experts

After designing and constructing hundreds of buildings in Los Angeles County, we know the land, the building codes and the people who oversee both. We use our vast knowledge of this city and the relationships we've cultivated over decades to develop the optimal property.


Whether your plans are for Build-to-Suit Development or Design-Build Construction, we use the same proven process. Our design team maximizes a property's potential and with extensive value engineering, allowing us to customize the construction process while remaining as cost efficient as possible.


We could tell you how much we value our relationships with everyone we work with, but it means much more coming from a satisfied customer.

"Having engaged Dynamic Builders to construct some twenty industrial buildings, I am pleased to report that each project was delivered per agreed-upon construction specifications, in a timely manner and at or below the construction contract price. Since Felsenthal Property Management, Inc. has worked with Dynamic Builders for more than twenty years, I have had the opportunity to observe the phenomenal growth of this family-owned business and I am amazed at how your commitment to quality control and client satisfaction remain a top priority.

As I prepare to execute my twenty-first construction contract, I do so with a high level of confidence that the building will be constructed properly, on time and to my satisfaction."

- Jerrold S. Felsenthal,
Felsenthal Property Management, Inc.