Our Process

How We Work

We Do It All, and We Do It With Excellence

To start, we perform a complete analysis of your property that includes the economic as well as market feasibility. This analysis incorporates a myriad of zoning, building code, local, state and federal regulations as well as environmental issues. We also investigate site characteristics to determine the best use of the property and the most cost-effective way to provide an efficient, functional facility that meets your budget restraints.

In addition to all the services we provide, we offer more than 50 years of experience working in Los Angeles. We are intimately familiar with virtually every nook and cranny of this county and offer expertise in negotiating local codes throughout. Having built over 700 buildings and  looked at thousands of sites, there is a high likelihood we already have your new site in our files.

Preliminary Plans

After the site analysis, we generate comprehensive preliminary plans designed to suit your needs and to define the project and the completion costs. Our architectural team provides the plans, all specifications required by codes, as well as the definition of the usage, materials and functionality of the building to meet your needs. This up-front comprehensive approach aids us in producing an accurate budget and market evaluation, which in turn assists in your early decision making, and the bank industry's underwriting and appraisal requirements.

We then prepare a complete itemized contract based on the most competitive cost estimates available�real costs that we stick to. We define everything that has been included; any exclusions will be called out in writing.


Our analysis is prepared to help you achieve your financing goals. Our comprehensive package makes it easy for lenders to analyze, appraise and make informed decisions regarding your financing needs. We routinely provide introductions to short- and long-term lenders, should you not have competitive banking relationships established. We are exceedingly dedicated to our clients and go the extra mile to assist in the sometimes difficult financing process.


We employ experienced professionals to manage every aspect of the building process to ensure your satisfaction. Our field staff is trained to demand the job site performance our clients have come to expect over the last 50 years. Our innovative production strategies enable us to use the most cost-effective building methods available. Finally, our scheduling system keeps your project on time and on budget from start to finish.

Quality Control

Long ago we discovered that quality doesn't have to cost more. The adage, �measure twice, cut once� has been our theme for decades. The efficiencies we implement throughout the design and production process ensure that the building quality is our top priority. We are committed to doing things right the first time...every time!

Wrapping It Up

From analysis to 'Certificate of Occupancy' and project closeout, the methods we have employed over the last 50 years have proven highly successful as seen in over 700 completed Dynamic Builders projects. The design, budget, craftsmanship and project management are our responsibility, and we don't take that responsibility lightly. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.