When it comes to Design-Build, time is money. This is especially true with cold storage facilities. During our 50 years of experience, we’ve built millions of cubic feet of cold storage.
We have few competitors when it comes to building these facilities on the time frame we set for ourselves.

Smart Design and Construction

We design cold storage systems to operate at peak efficiency. What's more, our use of state-of-the-art refrigeration and thermal technology allows us to help you keep an eye on your  bottom line long after we are gone.

Finding a Better Way

We continually look for ways to improve the performance of our cold storage projects. This process starts from the ground up. Efficient use of the refrigeration system requires us to look at other building and processing systems that compete for resources. Innovative systems to protect the concrete slabs, lighting controls and fixtures to minimize heat output, exhaust and drainage systems to deal with heat, water and waste removal, fire suppression designed to be low maintenance, and enhanced vapor barrier systems are but a few of the dozens of enhancements we place into every cold storage building to ensure an efficient, low maintenance facility.

A New Standard

Dynamic Builders continues to help pioneer new industry standards. The new standard for concrete floors is called “super flat.” Using robotic technology, our award-winning floors are tested and certified to the lowest achievable tolerance flatness in the industry. The end result is a safer work environment for operators working 60 feet in the air as well as significantly less wear and tear on high-reach equipment. As of winter 2014, there are only two buildings in Southern California that meet this standard and both were built by Dynamic Builders.

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